Christ is Born! Glorify Him! 

 Dearest Beloved Fathers, Brothers and Sisters, 

Yes, it seems hard to believe but it is that blessed and happy time of the year when we celebrate the Birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

We think about that First Nativity when the Mother of God and Saint Joseph traveled such a long way to a stable in Bethlehem. There the Blessed Virgin Mary brought forth into the world the Son of God. Both the Mother of God and Saint Joseph did exactly as they were asked to do. They followed God’s plan for them even though it was not easy, and likely brought controversy and criticism from others. But they were not prideful, but full of humility in wanting to please God. 

Those around them had no idea what a glorious and holy event was about to take place. Really, how could the worldly have possibly imagined the gift that God was about to bestow upon mankind? 

We also reflect on the past year, and wonder if we have fulfilled God’s plan and His will for us. The holy Mother, on behalf of her Son, has made requests and promises to all of us. 

If we fulfill her requests, one of which is to make our Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church and St. Herman of Alaska Christian School the best, and to make Boston, MA and America Orthodox, many souls will be saved and peace will be granted to the world, just imagine that. Yes, once again a very special request from heaven has been made, but this time it has not been fulfilled. If only we could all be more like the Mother of God and Saint Joseph. 

Many are skeptical, unbelieving, and some worry that others may be offended if we fulfill one of the Most Holy Theotokos’ requests. We don’t want to offend others, but that would be a very small price to pay for salvation of many souls and the heavenly gift of peace for all mankind and for obeying God’s explicit will, which should always come first. 

Try to imagine no violence, no war, no famine, no injustice, no persecution, just to make a few of the magnificent benefits that peace would bring. 

Unlike the Mother of God and Saint Joseph, we don’t have to travel anywhere. The task to fulfill the holy Mother’s wishes is actually very simple, but we all must have the will to do it. The world is getting worse by the day. Everywhere we turn we see greed, hatred, violence, abortion, lack of faith, and the list goes on. But we have been given the once in a lifetime providential opportunity to change the world for the better, and we need to act on it now. Your help is sorely needed to bring peace. You can make a difference both here at home and around the world. 

In 6000 years of recorded history mankind has fought more than 14000 wars! Wars, death, destruction continue to this day. We can stop all that if a number of us faithful just promoted heaven’s plan – given by the Mother of God. There is much you can do with almost no effort on your part. I hesitate to tell you what to do – but if you want a simple outline of what you can do, please, remember the wedding in Cana of Galilee and the last words of the Mother of God in the holy Gospel: “Whatsoever He (my Son) saith unto you, do it” (John 2:5). May the Child Jesus and His holy Mother shower you with renewed strength, determination and spiritual prosperity, to always follow and flourish in our Orthodox Faith.

May the Infant Jesus, the ever blessed Virgin Mary – His Most Holy Mother and Saint Joseph be with you and your loved ones to protect, to help, to lead, to defend and to bless you and all your loved ones now and throughout the New 2009 Year. May we always do what God wants us to do and to adhere to the plan He has for each of us.  I pray that in 2009 we shall all see the peace and the triumph of our Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church and St. Herman of Alaska Christian School.


I wish for you the Holy and Blessed Nativity and the New Year filled with faith, hope and love. Let us pray, and continue to pray for each other. Amen. 

 +Metropolitan Joseph