Consider Parish Membership

Membership creates stability in the parish just as marriage creates stability in society. Membership also creates strength in our parish because it is a commitment to participate in the ministries of the Church, to fulfill the spiritual strivings of an Orthodox Christian, and to financially support the parish by striving to fulfill tithing or steps towards that by proportional giving/pledging. Membership makes the baptismal vows specific to the parish and its work and to the people we are with. Baptism could be considered the theory and membership in the parish the practice ground. Just as the monk has his cell and monastery, a pastor his flock, so a Christian needs his pasturage, his field of practice. Our life together is the field of working out our salvation in Christ. Membership at Holy Resurrection is obtained by the following procedure contained in the Parish By-laws:

Those seeking membership must first obtain the blessing of the Pastor. Those prospective new members will then submit a Membership Application to the Pastor. After acceptance by the Board, they will then be blessed into the Parish by the Pastor the following Sunday after Divine Liturgy. (Article 3)

Those interested in pursuing membership should approach or email me for further information.                                             


Fr. Patrick Tishel

Application Process

1. If you have decided to pursue parish membership or are interested but are not sure whether or not it is right for you, please contact Fr. Patrick.

2. After you have spoken with Fr. Patrick and decided to apply, obtain and fill out a membership application. (The membership application is in the process of being updated and is not yet available online; speak to the parish president if you wish to obtain a membership application in the mean time.) Please read the accompanying Parish Bylaws.

      3. Submit your completed application to Fr. Patrick.

      4. Your application will be considered and voted on by the Church Board, with input from Fr. Patrick.

      5. Should you be accepted for membership, please schedule a meeting with Fr. Patrick or the membership coordinator to discuss specific responsibilities and ministries in the Church.