Life of St. Dimitry of Basarbovo

St. Dimitry was born in the city of Basarbovo, 8-9km from the city of Rousse which is on the bank of the Danube in the Northeast part of Bulgaria, near Romania. The date of his repose is uncertain. Saint Paissy of Hilandar says that he reposed in 1685. Other "Lives" say that he was born in an earlier century.

What is known of him is his simple and ascetic life and the countless interventions in the life of those who call on him.

He was a simple man who lived as a recluse, tending some sheep and planting a small vineyard by the river.

It is said that he married and had no children. After the death of his wife he entered a monastery near Barsarbovo and became a monk. He prayed and practiced ascetic labors near the Lum River where he finally reposed His body was eventually washed into the river by heavy rains. There he stayed lost to humanity until he revealed himself through a dream to a woman who was possessed by a demon, promising her release if she would recover his body from the river. He was indeed found and his relics were placed in the village Church and venerated. Many people were healed including the demon possessed woman. In the course of time some individuals came to steal away his relics or a portion of the relics through trying to bite off a piece. They were always mysteriously hampered in their attempts.

In 1774 during the Russo-Turkish wars a Russian General intended on taking the relics of St. Dimity to Russia but was convinced to leave them in BUCHAREST. Since then the Saint has gladdened the hearts of people from the Church of Sts. Constantine and Helen in Bucharest.

In 1955 there was a woman living in the suburbs of Bucharest with her husband who was paralyzed and also had a nervous condition. She went to the priest and asked for advice. He told her to pray an Akathist to St. Dimitry. After the woman returned, in the middle of the night, her husband questioned her whether she had called a doctor and did she pay him yet. She being perplexed heard further that someone came and anointed him with holy oil on his hands and his paralyzed leg and told him not to offend his wife anymore, so that he could be healed.

In the morning the previously paralyzed man got out of bed healed and his wife returned to the relics of her benefactor with tears of thanksgiving.(ref. Lives of the Bulgarian Saints, Romanian Patericon Vol. One)

St. Dimitry of Basarbovo, pray to God for us!