Having Beheld the Resurrection of Christ:

As Yeast in a Lump

By Fr. Patrick

resurrectionGreat Lent, Holy Week, Pascha and Bright Week are memorable, holy, and life-giving days. They are as yeast in a lump of dough-raising up every aspect of our lives throughout the year. Orthodox Christians live from Pascha to Pascha, regenerated and illumined by the intense blessings received.

Pascha is an internal rejuvenation!

What gifts did you receive through your fasting and prayers over Great Lent, Holy Week and Pascha?

  • Did you read anything that renewed your understanding and determination? Were you blessed in realizing the way to think about some struggle and helped in practicing "unseen warfare?" Did you read or hear any inspiring sermons or spiritual talks that gave you greater zeal? I hope you "arrest" the grace of these inspirations by recording them. St. John of Kronstadt used this technique to study his life in Christ-the movements of his soul and the illuminations given to him by the Lord. We benefit tremendously by his record, and you will benefit from yours also.

  • Let the focus of celebrating the feast be a spiritual one. Festive food is a beautiful part of our celebration, but it can take over. Feasting is not the same as overindulging. Continue the feast but maintain control by remaining constant in your spiritual practices.

  • Pascha is not meant to be merely a peak experience or a one day event. The evil one tries to steal away a moment and wound us, but the Good Samaritan, our Lord, is there to pour wine and oil into our wounds. You can even struggle during the Paschal service but that does not change the reality of the Resurrection; furthermore, there is also Bright Week and every Sunday Resurrection to renew us again and again!

  • Bright Week services extend the joy of Pascha by reviewing and renewing our attention towards the Paschal grace. We will be having beautiful festive services throughout the week. Check our webpage,, for the schedule and any updates.

Let the victory of Christ be your hope and foundation for how you live from this very moment. He has taken the sting out of death. He has illumined our hearts with joy. He has forgiven our sins and continues to forgive those who repent. As we practice humility and repentance we can be reassured as He said: I will be with you always, even unto the end of the age.

With love in the Risen Lord,
Fr. Patrick