"Christ is Risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing Life."

                                                     ~ Paschal Troparion

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Classical Christian education for children in grades K1 - 8:
St Herman of Alaska Christian School

St. Herman of Alaska


Thanksgiving and Saint Herman

Agriculture has been a dominant aspect of every human civilization or culture across time, and, naturally, humans have always dedicated special days throughout the year to celebrate the harvest of their work and to enjoy their crops. Even in our modern era, we still celebrate in a similar way on Thanksgiving where we offer up a special meal from the abundance of food we have and give thanks to God for the bounty He has provided.

On November 28th, which also coincides with Thanksgiving this year, we will celebrate the feast day of the repose of St. Herman of Alaska. He was part of a small missionary team that travelled across Siberia from the monastery of Valaam to come to Alaska and preach the Gospel to the natives there. Even when he was the last missionary left of his brethren, Saint Herman worked tirelessly to plant the seed of Orthodoxy in America. Through God’s grace, his labor was able to bear fruit, and he was able to offer a full harvest of souls to God.

Throughout our lives, God’s grace is always present, providing whatever we may need and bringing forth fruit in all of our endeavors. As we celebrate Thanksgiving, let us not only feast and enjoy our material blessings but let us also remember God and everything that He has given us. The more gratitude we have toward God, the more our hearts will be on fire for Him. As we offer our Thanksgiving to God, in return for all of His blessings, we should follow the words of Saint Herman, who teaches us: “let us make a vow that from this day, from this hour, from this minute we shall strive to love God above all else and to fulfill His holy will.”

Here is a recording of the Kontakion of St. Herman chanted by students of St. Herman School:

Service Dates and Times

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~ Weekly Schedule ~

"Orthodox Faith and Life" Class (aka Orthodoxy 101): Saturdays at 4pm

Vigil: Saturdays at 5:30pm

Divine Liturgy: Sundays at 9:30am

Open Door Dinner: Mondays at 6pm

Tree of Life Bookstore: Sundays after Church and by appointment

St Herman's School: 8am–3pm Monday–Friday during the school year

Deaf Ministry: Amateur ASL interpreter at most church services

Please see the Monthly Calendar for Feast Days, other services, and events.


~ Clergy ~

Fr. Patrick Tishel, Rector

Fr. Teodor Anastasoaie

Fr. Dcn. John Williamson

Fr. Dcn. Andrey Sukharev

Fr. Dcn. Aaron Friar